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Chak-Chak , Meybod


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Chak-Chak , Meybod

Meybod in Yazd Province is a desert city with an ancient past. The city, which resembles Yazd city in many aspects, is considered to be much older than the city of wind towers with a history of over 7000 years.

Some believe the city was founded by Meybodar, a Sassanid (226-651CE) commander, who named the city after himself and others say the city was founded by Keyumars, the First Man in Avestan accounts and the first of the Pishdadi Kings in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (Book of Kings). Pishdadian are considered the first Aryan dynasty in Persian mythology.

The Meybod-minted Sassanid coins found in excavations in different parts of Iran suggest the city was an important center towards the end of the Sassanid era as only a handful of the 111 known Sassanid cities were able to mint coins...

Top places to visit:

Narin castle

Pigeon Tower

Shah Abbasi caravanserai

Clay fridge

Pottery workshop



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