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Rhinoplasty in Iran

          Nose job is the most common and popular plastic surgery in Iran, which is done to eliminate breathing problems, reshape the nose, repair the nasal bone after a trauma, and correct a congenital disability. This surgery enhances people's appearance by balancing the nose's size and shrinking the nostrils. 

          What Is Rhinoplasty and Why Is It Done?

          Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, which is done to enhance the appearance of people. During this operation, the plastic surgeon changes the cartilage and bones of the nose to make it smaller. Rhinoplasty can also reshape the tip of the nose, reduce large nostrils, and correct nasal asymmetry. Moreover, some people undergo rhinoplasty to eliminate respiratory problems such as nasal septal deviation and blockage of the nasal passages.

          Three Reasons Why You Should Do Nose Job in Iran

          First, thousands of rhinoplasties are done in Iran annually; so, the surgeons and their assistants are well-experienced in this field. Second, Iran has numerous modern hospitals and clinics for plastic surgeries; as a result, you can be sure of the facilities of your chosen medical center. And finally, the price of nose job in Iran is much more affordable than other countries. So, if you wish for having a better look, try rhinoplasty in Iran. 

          Factors Influencing the Cost of Nose Job in Iran

          Rhinoplasty impacts your appearance; therefore, it should be done by the hands of an experienced surgeon and in a qualified hospital. Although Iran has the best plastic surgeons and latest medical technologies, the cost of nose job in this country ranges from $1,200 to $2,500. Depending on the surgeon's reputation, the operation's complexity, and the hospital's facilities, this number can change. 

          Different Types of Rhinoplasty in Iran

          In Iran, rhinoplasty is done in two ways: open and closed. Your surgeon will choose one of these methods based on your condition and expectations. 

          Closed Rhinoplasty

          In this method, all the surgical incisions are made inside the nose, and the scars are all internal; consequently, you will face minor swelling and scarring afterward. 

          Open Rhinoplasty

          In this method, an incision is made between the nostrils to give the doctor more access to the cartilage. Although this method can fix the cartilage more accurately, a small scar may remain on the nose.

          Who Can Benefit from Nose Job in Iran?

          Today, with the advancement of science and technology, almost everyone can undergo plastic surgeries, including nose jobs. However, for performing nose job in Iran, you need to have the following factors:

          • Being between the age of 18 and 60;
          • Being physically and mentally healthy; 
          • Not having pneumonia or respiratory diseases;
          • Not being pregnant;
          • Being a non-smoker and light drinker; and
          • Having no heart disease or diabetes.

          Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Iran

          Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons graduated from top universities in Iran and the US. They are experienced in dealing with noses in different shapes since they perform 100 surgeries a month, and some most popular others do as many as five operations in a single day. 

          Some Iranian nose surgeons are well known for doing specific types of nose jobs, such as fantasy nose surgeries. They operate on cases of different ages, from 17 to 50. They devote a lot of time listening to the patients and consulting them about the best way to reshape the nose, meet the aesthetic standards, and be in harmony with other features of the face.

          How to Find the Best Nose Job Surgeon in Iran?

          Rhinoplasty can have devastating effects on your appearance if it gets done incorrectly. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing your plastic surgeon. All otolaryngologists in Iran are legally allowed to perform rhinoplasty; however, you should choose the one who is skilled in cosmetic surgery and has full knowledge of respiratory tracts and nasal structure. One of the most accessible and valuable ways of selecting a rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran is to check the resume and reputation of the doctors because generally, well-known doctors have done more nose jobs and have more experience.

          Preparing for Nose Job 

          Before undergoing nose job, take the following considerations:

          • Do not wear any makeup on the day of the surgery;
          • Shave your face with a razor;
          • Take the necessary lab tests;
          • Provide the required X-rays;
          • Avoid taking blood thinner drugs, anti-inflammatory meds, and herbal supplements;
          • Do not smoke and drink alcohol from two weeks before the operation;
          • Do not eat or drink for eight hours before rhinoplasty;
          • Bathe the night before the surgery; and
          • Do not take vitamin E supplements from a week before the surgery.

          How to Get my Rhinoplasty Done in Iran?

          The first step in rhinoplasty is to find an experienced and tasteful surgeon. Finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon and a facilitated and comfortable hospital has always been a concern for foreign patients who travel to Iran for nose surgery. The second step is to apply for a medical visa which is almost a frustrating and complicated procedure. And the last step is to find nice accommodation because, after rhinoplasty, you only need a comfortable place to rest and recover. In Iran, Raadina Travel Co. provides services such as applying for a visa, booking a hotel, booking appointments with the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran, pre-booking an appointment for a blood test, etc., for patients from all over the world.